Aerial Recollections, Continued

Palace of Fine Arts

The Port

I'll spare you, fine reader, the before and after presentations. You, being of keen mind and sharp wit, no doubt know what atrocious originals these shots came from.

Going through these old single megapixel shots reinforced a very important photography lesson for me -- the best camera is the one you have _with_ you. Without that little Canon, I would only have what images my mind can store. Digital file corruption and data loss pales to what happens in my mind.

San Francisco Aerial Photography

Aperture 2 is an amazing piece of software. I've been going back through photos that I long ago gave up on and seeing how Aperture might bring them back to life. Sure, in this set I had to give up on color and crank the contrast up to 11, but in the end the shots are at least viewable now. The starting files are from a Canon S110. In other words, crappy little JPEGs.

Pro tip: plane windows suck to shoot through.

Before After
3172234577_3c4eb556a0_m Bay Bridge - San Francisco
3172234507_04b7d5d507_m Bay Bridge - Oakland
3173066422_a58c06dab9_m Alcatraz
3172234743_f68accb84a_m San Francisco
Lean, Mean, Flying Machine

Bands I May Need to Watch

Bands I May Need to Watch

I know I'm behind the times. In fact, I'm so aware of it I actually _do_ know what I'm missing. It's quasi-intentional. I can only listen to so much music at one time, which is typically one song at a time.

This makes buying a lot of new music at one time annoying. It creates yet another backlog in my life. I'm already behind in photo processing (tagging, editing, posting), book reading, and Netflixing. Also, those holes in the yard don't dig themselves. [Note to self: Think about paying dogs to dig holes. May need obscene amounts of supervision, be sure to do a full cost/benefit analysis first]

So here is a small list of bands that just didn't make the cut in 2008. Don't worry guys, it's not you, it's me.

* [MGMT](
* [Kings of Leon](
* [Fleet Foxes](
* [My Morning Jacket](
* [Spoon](
* [The National](

Music for 2009 (Hopefully)

As much as I would like to do a [jwz-esque 2008 music wrap-up](, I just don't have it in me. So, instead I've put together a list of what I'm looking forward to in 2009. I've done just a tiny bit of research on release dates and my release date extrapolations should be treated as the "worst kind of science" (even if the kids do love me).

## [Interpol]( ##

Their last releases were July 2007, August 2005, and October 2002. So, hopefully later this year we'll see a new release from them. I've been happy with how their albums have progressed and have every expectation for their next release to be even better than Our Love to Admire.

## [The Hives]( ##

It's doubtful that there will be a new release this year. They still seem to be touring animals and they appear to be closer to a 3 year release schedule (April 2000, July 2004, Oct 2007). That being said, I would love to hear a new release this year.

## [Rancid](

It was supposed to be out in the summer of '08. Then it was the fall of '08. Then it was '09. Now it's TBA.

## [Nine Inch Nails](

Trent Reznor is no longer bound by major label rules. I expect a number of releases. What will they be like? Who knows. Less like Ghosts I-IV I hope.

## [The Strokes](

[Gigwise]( has some quotes that have a new release in 2009, so, you know...yay.

## [The Chemical Brothers](

As far as I know there are no rumors of a 2009 release. It would still be nice to get a new Chemicals though.

## [Franz Ferdinand](

It's already available for [pre-order]( in iTunes.

## [We Are Scientists](

According to their website, they started writing the new album in December. In an underwater cave. So, it should go quickly.

## [OK Go](

They were recording tracks last October. Tick tock...

## [Underworld](

In my limited amount of searching I haven't found any news. But, hope abounds.

## [The Crystal Method](

I'm pretty sure I read something last year about there being a new album in the works.

## [Editors](

As I composed this list it suddenly became clear to me that I detest sites, even band sites, that auto-play music. What makes them think I'm not _already_ listening to music?

## [Arcade Fire](

It looks like there will be a concert DVD from the Neon Bible tour. No news of new music though.

## [Leftfield](

Yes, they've been "disbanded" since 2002. I don't care. I want more.

Now, this list is by no means exhaustive. I'm sure there are many bands that will release new albums in 2009 that I will be totally jazzed about. It may even be that because I'm not expecting them, they will be that much more delicious.