MLB 2015 Stadium Map in KMZ Format

I spent some time dumping all the Major League Baseball (MLB) stadium locations into a Google Map and then exported that to a KMZ file. I did a cursory search to see if this was already available but didn't find exactly what I wanted, so here's this.

I'm using the Google Map as a checklist of stadiums that I've seen games in, and if you happen to embark on a similar mission you should feel free to copy the map or use the KMZ file in Google Earth to start your own list. To copy that map you'll need to be signed into a Google account. If you abstain from having a Google account, for whatever reason, you can still print it out. If you abstain from owning a printer, for whatever reason, you do know that are machines that connect to computers that take a digital representation of information and then imprint that information (text and/or images!) on paper, right? Good, get down to the FexEx/Kinkos office and have a great time there. Beyond those two options, you are officially on your own. Good luck.