Dogs and Cameras

It's always interesting to see how different animals deal with cameras. Even with our two dogs, Tovn and Bash, the difference is striking. Tovn is always under the impression that the camera is made out of delicious treats.


Bash on the other hand, she thinks that cameras steal your soul.


More on Music

The [last post]( focused solely on what music I had actually bothered to purchase in 2008. Not that I "pirate" a lot of music, you know, seeing as how the _[Library of Alexandria for music]( is no longer around. You know, because that would be...wrong. I haven't added much to my collection in the past few days, besides The Killer's "Human" remix EP and their Christmas single (which is quite forgettable by the way).

I've been trying to analyze what I listened to this year and figure out if I've become a music curmudgeon. You know the music curmudgeon. All music after this arbitrary, yet very important date, is crap. "New music sucks and kids should get off my lawn!" I yell that at people a lot, and by "yell" I mean "imagine myself yelling". The yard bit that is. It's fun. You should try it. It's almost cathartic. But I do find myself not liking a lot of music, but I don't think this is a change from previous times. There is always so much music available that it's completely normal to not like some percentage, be it large or small. Even a small percentage of "all" music would be a ton of music.

I do keep coming back to the fact that new music that I like is derivative of bands that I like and consequently the opposite is also true, I don't like new music that is derivative of music that I never did like. Now, I'm tossing around "derivative" pretty freely, and I should clarify that I don't mean "note for note copy". A lot of people think Interpol rips off Joy Division. I'm not one of them. I do think they owe a lot of their sound to Joy Division, but they are not copying their songs. Creative derivation is natural and we would be in a much less diverse world if this wasn't the case.

One thing that has changed is that I've lost my taste for live music. I have no patience for concerts. They are loud, expensive, and the sound is crap. The energy is typically _amazing_, but I always come away feeling a bit ripped off. The last concert I went to that I felt that I got my money's worth was Ministry playing at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium back in 1990-something. Sepurtura and Helmet opened for them. We sat in the seats until Ministry came on stage and then headed to the pit. I got kicked in the head and didn't even know it until I got back to the car and saw a heel print on my forehead in the rear-view mirror. Yeah, it was that awesome. Nothing has been that good since then. Flogging Molly was fun, but it was loud and frankly I thought the sound was crap. They're such fine musicians that having everything blasted at me with the amps at 11 really sucks.

So, there it is. I finally figured out where my musical tastes have gone curmudgeonly.