The Songs of Early Summer

The first rule about not blogging is to not write about not blogging. So, on with the show.

Summer is only about half over (at least it was when I started writing this post), but I have enough new music to write about that I'm better off getting a post out now. But before I dive into the new I would like to quickly look back at spring and highlight what I'm still listening to and what I'm not. Don't worry, it's a short list consisting of [White Lies]( and [The Crystal Method]( These are the only two _albums_ from spring that I would listen to start to finish. The other albums have great tracks, but I've rated the good ones in iTunes so they show up in smart lists and the other tracks have faded in the dusty corners of my hard drive. Going even farther into the past two more bands have stayed in heavy rotation, [MGMT]( and [Cut Copy](

## June

* [Franz Ferdinand]( -- Blood: Franz Ferdinand ([iTunes](|[Amazon](
* [Moby]( -- Wait For Me ([iTunes](|[Amazon](
* [Mos Def]( -- The Ecstatic ([iTunes](|[Amazon](
* [Paul Van Dyk]( -- Volume ([iTunes](|[Amazon](
* [Rancid]( -- Let the Dominoes Fall ([iTunes](|[Amazon](

I'm not sure why, but June was an odd month, musically speaking. Moby, Paul Van Dyk and a remix album from Franz Ferdinand was balanced out with Mos Def and a worthy effort from Rancid.

I'll start with Rancid because I (and a lot of other people) have been waiting patiently and impatiently for them to come out with a follow-up to Indestructible -- a truly awesome album. It's _good_, but it doesn't have the coherency that the previous effort had. It sounds like a collection of tracks from their entire history. It annoyingly meanders around their various styles, but at least all the individual efforts are strong. The first single "Last One To Die" is probably my favorite track.

I blame this Paul Van Dyk album for introducing *both* Britney Speaks _and_ Justin Timberlake to my iTunes library. Sure, I could delete them, but them what would I have to complain about?

Moby. Not my thing. This album, that is. Not Moby in general. The track "Mistake" is the only one I've bothered to rate (★★★). Oh, and Mos Def? This album just never really intrigued me. Oh well.

A word on remix albums: they usually suck. The last full-on remix album that I can remember actually being _good_ is the first Bloc Party release, "Silent Alarm". "Blood" isn't bad, but too many of the mixes just drone on doing absolutely nothing, well, except for curing insomnia.

## July

* [Yeah Yeah Yeahs]( -- It's Blitz ([iTunes](|[Amazon](
* [Paul Oakenfold]( -- Perfecto Vegas ([iTunes](|[Amazon](
* [Jamie T]( -- Sticks 'N' Stones EP ([iTunes](|[Amazon](

Kat listened to the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs on the last flight we were on and really liked it, so magically it appeared in the iTunes Library. There are some really catchy tracks on this album and it's certainly not like a lot of their previous stuff that I've had a chance to sample. Overall, a win.

Oakenfold. Vegas...really? Why do I buy these again?

Now, Sticks 'N' Stones is easily my most played track over the last few months. I can't stop listening to it. I will definitely buy his next release unheard.