Still Driving (Part 3)

Previously on Still Driving ([1](,[2]([David Stillman]( needed music for a road trip that would take him from Chico, CA to Boulder, CO. He would stay mostly on I80. Here is his playlist. Well, the last part at least.

[Meat Beat Manifesto]( -- [Satyricon](ttp:// is an amazing piece of work. Jack Dangers, the mad genius behind MBM, should really be considered the father of "Big Beat" and this album clearly laid down the path for others to follow. Countless samples, distorted vox, and beats that refuse to let you sit still. If you're into any kind of "electronic" music at all, this is a must-listen.

[Morcheeba]( -- [Big Calm]( doesn't fit in any single genre, but if I had to put one word on the label, it would be "chill". Not "chill" in a boring way, just in a "we're not going to kill you with guitars, drum loops, or vocals". Also, the vocals are quite sexy.

[Primus]( -- [Frizzle Fry]( is another "you damn kids should know you musical history dammit" selection. And no, I didn't like [School of Rock]( The chalkboard scene was cool, but a scene does not a movie make.

[The Rifles]( -- [Great Escape]( was passed along to me by Steven because he knows I love britpop. This is great britpop.

[The Sisters Of Mercy]( -- [Vision Thing]( was included just to screw with David. I doubt he liked this at all, but there are some great driving tracks on this album. Also, he wanted stuff that he hadn't heard before and I'm positive he hadn't heard this.

[Slipstream]( -- [Be Groovy Or Leave]( Another europop band that never saw the light of day on this side of the pond. They were a NME poster band for half a week or so, but this album has some catchy tracks. Good britpop, not sure I would call it great though.

[The Stone Roses]( -- [The Complete Stone Roses]( (CD only) was another "lets suck money from stupid Stone Roses fans while they keep waiting for the mythical 'Second Coming' album" label production. The upside was that they actually put tracks on it that weren't widely available to people. So, that was nice. [The Second Coming]( eventually did come out and everybody panned it because it didn't sound like the first album. The Stone Roses are an important part of the history lesson of britpop, so this is why it made the playlist. Also, it's just damn good music.

[Symposium]( -- On The Outside (out of print in the US) was in the same vein as Ash, a bunch of kids wailing on guitars making incredibly catching pop-punk. Again, what more do you need?

[The The]( -- [Dusk]( was a bit of a stretch. It's not really pop music at all and I hesitated to put it on the list, but one cannot survive on pop music alone. The lyrics on this album are quite amazing and [Johnny Marr]( is on guitar.

[Underworld]( -- [Dubnobasswithmyheadman]( and[ Second Toughest In The Infants]( (iTunes only) are great electronic albums. If you don't think you've heard Underworld, their biggest hit (_Born Slippy (Nuxx)_) plays over the ending credit of _Trainspotting_. They tend to mix into some vocals, which makes it a little more accessible if overly beepy music drives you nuts.

[White Lies]( -- [To Lose My Life ...]( probably wouldn't exist if there was no Joy Division. Sure, everybody thinks they're an Interpol meets The Killers rip-off, but we know better...don't we.

[Wolf Parade]( -- [Apologies to The Queen Mary]( is a bit crazy. There's this indie-Modest Mouse thing going on, but I think the music is better. It has less "we're being weird for the sake of being weird" and more "rock music is awesome".

Still Driving (Part 2)

[Previously on Still Driving]([David Stillman]( needed music for a road trip that would take him from Chico, CA to Boulder, CO. He would stay mostly on I80. Here is his playlist. Well, the middle part at least.

[The Final Cut]( -- [Consumed]( is hard to explain with going into the history of [Wax Trax! Records](!_Records) and more importantly, [Ministry](, but lets assume both of those things are unknown to you. This album is undeniably industrial. Sure, has Final Cut classified as an "electronica / (US-)Coldwave-band", but _this_ album is **industrial**. [Chris Connelly](, circa 1992, as a guest vocalist should speak volumes on this point. This is such a phenomenal release from that era and it's so under appreciated that I tend to share it with anybody that can stand distorted vox and a drum machine.

[Fugazi]( -- [13 Songs]( is such a straight edge classic, how could I not include it?

[Goldfrapp]( -- [Supernature]( Beepy? Check. Sexy vocals? Check. What? You need more?

[Hard-Fi]( -- [Once Upon a Time In the West]( and [Stars of CCTV](ttp:// I love brit-pop and this is some great brit-pop.

[Joy Division]( -- [Unknown Pleasures]( is my attempt to teach these damn kids a thing a two about where their favorite music comes from. Don't get me wrong, music as any creative medium is, should be expected to be derivative. But, please, credit where credit is due. Just like Kurt Cobain [gave credit to the Pixies](, we should thank Joy Division for helping give us [U2](, [The Cure](, [Bloc Party](, [Editors](, and -- most importantly to me, [Interpol](

[Julian Plenti]( -- [Julian Plenti Is... Skyscraper]( is also the lead singer from Interpol. You know, the band I mentioned above as being really important to me. I've said it [before](, the first track will _stab you in the heart_. Lyrically speaking, of course.

[Kaiser Chiefs]( -- [Yours Truly, Angry Mob]( is brit-pop. Enough said. Thanks, Steven!

[Kasabian]( -- [West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum]( I first heard their track [Club Foot]( on the tv show Numb3rs and was hooked. Their albums are a bit hit and miss, but this is clearly their strongest effort. Fast Fuse and Fire alone are worth the price of admission.

[Leftfield]( -- [Leftism]( Toni Halliday and John "Johnny Rotten" Lydon cameo guest vocals on one of the best electronic albums ever released. Don't just take my word for it though, check the [den of lies](

[Low vs Diamond]( -- [Low vs Diamond]( is a band that Kat [found on twitter]( thanks to [Rainn Wilson]( His summary was pretty dead on, "kind of Killers meets Muse with an LA indie vibe."

[Manchester Orchestra]( -- [Mean Everything To Nothing]( despite the name, is not british. In fact, they're from Atlanta. Yeah, the one in Georgia. With peaches and everything. I picked this up as an Amazon MP3 Deal of the Day because it was cheap and sounded a bit like Silversun Picksups. Good for I80. I think.

_Stay tuned for [part 3]( which will take us from M to W_.

Still Driving (Part 1)

Recently [David Stillman]( asked me to provide him with an 4GB iPod Nano worth of music for a drive from Chico, CA to Boulder, CO. Normally I love a challenge such as this, but this wasn't just a road trip; this was him moving to Boulder. We were all sad to see him go, but happy that he's embarking on an exciting new chapter in his life that includes lot of snowboarding and making little killer robots.

I wanted to provide him with music that was good for the road, especially I-80, but also new or at least new to him. I also knew that I didn't really have the time to do a song-by-song playlist, so I loaded him up with whole albums. In fact, I put together the whole list after one of our weekly poker nights. I know I could have done a better job, but as with most things it was better to get him something than nothing at all.

[The Afghan Whigs]( -- [Gentlemen]( was originally released in 1993. This was a bit before David was probably into music, let alone what was considered "alternative" at that time. Looking back it's hard to see how this classification came to be. Wait, [no it isn't](

[Ash]( -- [Trailer & 1997]( are also considered "alternative" but come on...1977 was named for the release of Star Wars. They might be the best rock band you've never heard of. Unless you have, in which case they're still really good.

[The Avalanches]( -- [Since I Left You]( I have a thing for beepy music, what can I say. So does David. Hence this selection. I had to laugh at how they are described on though, "[plunderphonics](" sounds hilarious.

[Bill Hicks]( -- Arizona Bay, Dangerous, Rant In E-Minor, and Relentless. If you know me, you know I love Bill Hicks and clearly I think everyone else should as well.

[Bis]( -- Return To Central (apparently this is now out of print, please see your local used music store for purchase)

> Aggressively primitative and defiantly childish, the Bis claimed to be at the forefront of "the Teen-C Revolution," which apparently translated as young adults wishing they were still in elementary school.

[Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide](

I think that's all that really needs to be said.

[Bomb The Bass]( -- Clear (also not available for mp3 purchase). I probably only needed to include _Bug Powder Dust_ as the rest is pretty mellow, but know this was a road trip that would take David through some of the emptiest areas of the country I felt that including the entire album would still be worth it.

[Boy Kill Boy]( -- [Civilian]( says "British indie-rock". I say brit-pop. It's my blog, so I win. It was included mainly because I figured David hadn't heard them before. They never really "made it" in America.

[Bran Van 3000]( -- [Glee]( I find this hard to classify, which is exactly why I thought David would like it.

[Curve]( -- [Dopplegänger]( (also unavailable for digital purchase). Way, way, way before Garbage there was Curve. Guitars, heavy pseudo-industrial beats, and a dead sexy vocalist (Toni Halliday, who you might have heard on The Killers Christmas single [A Great Big Sled](

[The Damage Manual]( -- [1]( I consider _Blame and Demand_ to be one of the best driving songs **ever**. Even if you don't like "industrial" music, give this a shot.

[Death In Vegas]( -- [Dead Elvis]( is classic late-90's "big beat". You've probably heard their hit single _Dirt_.

[DJ Shadow]( -- [In Tune And On Time]( It's not that I didn't think David didn't have any DJ Shadow, but maybe he didn't have this live concert. It's amazing stuff.

[Drum Club]( Drums Are Dangerous (out of print). More 90's beepy music from Europe. Ah, the good old days...

_Stay tuned for parts [2]( and [3]( as we travel down the alphabet._

Recently Overplayed

I have a longer 2009 wrap-up piece in the works, but I want to get a few recent albums in front of you that I can't get off my currently played list.

* [Matt & Kim]( -- Grand ([iTunes](|[Amazon](
* [Yeasayer]( -- Oddblood ([iTunes](|[Amazon](
* [Vampire Weekend]( -- Contra ([iTunes](|[Amazon](
* [Low vs Diamond]( -- Low vs Diamond ([iTunes](|[Amazon](