Capturing Cold in a Photo

You can do what good photographers do, which is use good equipment and skills that you've honed over many thousands of photos or you can do what I do, which is cheat. I typically try running my photos through the Camera+ "Clarity" filter. That usually does the trick.

Cloudless sunrise. Also cold AF

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The Start of a Photo Series

I believe this to be the first instance of what has become quite a collection of photographs taken from approximately the same spot. Looks like it's been going on for almost two years now. The frequency in the first year was very erratic and I'm looking at how to best collect these. And by "erratic" I mean the next one wasn't until January 29, 2017. As the kids say these days, lol.

But for now, you get to see the genesis.

Chilly Christmas morning in the channel.

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Aerial Recollections, Continued

Palace of Fine Arts

The Port

I'll spare you, fine reader, the before and after presentations. You, being of keen mind and sharp wit, no doubt know what atrocious originals these shots came from.

Going through these old single megapixel shots reinforced a very important photography lesson for me -- the best camera is the one you have _with_ you. Without that little Canon, I would only have what images my mind can store. Digital file corruption and data loss pales to what happens in my mind.

San Francisco Aerial Photography

Aperture 2 is an amazing piece of software. I've been going back through photos that I long ago gave up on and seeing how Aperture might bring them back to life. Sure, in this set I had to give up on color and crank the contrast up to 11, but in the end the shots are at least viewable now. The starting files are from a Canon S110. In other words, crappy little JPEGs.

Pro tip: plane windows suck to shoot through.

Before After
3172234577_3c4eb556a0_m Bay Bridge - San Francisco
3172234507_04b7d5d507_m Bay Bridge - Oakland
3173066422_a58c06dab9_m Alcatraz
3172234743_f68accb84a_m San Francisco
Lean, Mean, Flying Machine

Dogs and Cameras

It's always interesting to see how different animals deal with cameras. Even with our two dogs, Tovn and Bash, the difference is striking. Tovn is always under the impression that the camera is made out of delicious treats.


Bash on the other hand, she thinks that cameras steal your soul.