Hunting for Tunes

It's a rainy Sunday, so I decided I would camp in front of the computer and demand new tunes from the intertubes. I wasn't especially impressed with what Amazon or iTunes had to recommend, so I went back to my adopted roots, britpop. When I want britpop news, for better or worse, I go to [NME](

NME told me that there is this thing called [The Download Festival](, which looks _awesome_. Now, because I'm an old curmudgeon, I don't go to festivals. Festival line-ups are, however, great places to look for new tunes. My review process is simple:

1. Get name of band
1. Search for band in iTunes or at AmazonMP3
1. Listen to the 30 second samples
1. File under: Yes, No, or Maybe

Now, the festival site has a download section where you can download one track from each artist. While that's a cool gimmick, I'll stick with my process. Here are _my_ results (Remember, you will file music in _your own way_ and that's *okay*! This just happens to be my take.):

## Yes ##

While I would buy or have already purchased tunes from these bands, White Lies and Louis XIV were the ones that I immediately knew were for me.

* [White Lies]( ([Amazon](, [iTunes](
* [The Duke Spirit]( ([Amazon](, [iTunes](
* [Ghostland Observatory]( ([Amazon](, [iTunes](
* [The Airborne Toxic Event]( ([Amazon](, [iTunes](
* [Cut Copy]( ([Amazon](, [iTunes](
* [Louis XIV]( ([Amazon](, [iTunes](

## No ##

* Yeasayer
* Mates of State
* Brand New
* Mutemath
* Rjd2
* Blitzen Trapper
* Alberta Cross
* Vedera
* The Parlor Mob
* Caribou

## Maybe ##

* [Datarock](
* [M83]( (I still can't pull the trigger on these guys)
* [The Whigs](
* [Tapes 'n Tapes]( (latest release doesn't seem as strong as the previous release)
* [Elephone](
* [The Night Marchers]( (if I run out of Social D, these guys will be perfect)