Hot August Tunes

* [Phoenix]( -- Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix ([Amazon](|[iTunes](
* [Julian Plenti]( -- Julian Plenti Is... Skyscraper ([Amazon](|[iTunes](
* [Franz Ferdinand]( -- iTunes Live: London Festival '09 EP ([iTunes](
* [Kasabian]( -- iTunes Live: London Festival '09 EP ([iTunes](
* [Oasis]( -- iTunes Live: London Festival '09 EP ([iTunes](
* [The Fratellis]( -- Live from London ([iTunes](
* [Hard-Fi]( -- Once Upon a Time In the West ([Amazon](|[iTunes]( & Stars of CCTV ([Amazon](|[iTunes](
* [Metric]( -- Fantasies ([Metric](|[Amazon](|[iTunes](
* [Kasabian]( -- West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum ([Amazon](|[iTunes](
* [The Rifles]( -- No Love Lost (You can't buy this in the US, you're money isn't good here.)
* [Jet]( -- Shaka Rock ([Amazon](|[iTunes](
* [Ned's Atomic Dustbin]('s%2520Atomic%2520Dustbin) -- Session ([Amazon](|[iTunes](

Well, I guess I found the iTunes Live albums. Nothing really "new", but some great live sets. So, if you like live music check them out: Franz Ferdinand, Kasabian, Oasis, and The Fratellis. Yes, all brit-pop. It's how I roll.

Phoenix is just about as far down the fluffy indie rock road that I'm willing to go. But this album is very catchy and was worth the $5 (from AmazonMP3). You'll recognize it from the teevee commercial for [some Caddy]( If you're a pop music whore like me, you need this.

[Julian Plenti]( is the lead singer/guitarist, Paul Banks, from Interpol. If you like Interpol you will like this. It even starts out like an Interpol album with 'Only If You Run', which will lyrically stab you in the heart. Seriously, even if you're only into the first Interpol album, this is worth picking. There is crooning, there is straight up rock, there is something for you. Trust me.

Hard-Fi. How in the hell did I miss these guys? I'm not sure, but they're on my radar now and they should be on yours. They are brit-pop. They hint of some mixture of The Farm, Oasis, and and ton of other late 90's brit-pop bands. You know, everything that I love about music. It's good stuff.

I first heard Metic from their free iTunes single 'Combat Baby'. It was catchy, sickly sweet pop music with amazing female vocals. More of the same. If you buy from [the band](, you get some extra acoustic Pink Floyd covers. Neat!

Oh, Kasabian... You really want to have that Oasis reputation. You want people to fear and respect you. Well, forget about that crap and keep making good music. You'll last longer that way. More ass kicking in your music, less in NME. I wish this had been a 'Deal of the Day' special, but there are some truly kick-ass tracks (Fast Fuse and Fire) to make it worth it.

_No Love Lost_ is the first album from The Rifles. You can't buy it. This is what's broken with music right now. How in this day and age is there music that you can't buy because of what country you live in? How can an industry literally tell you that your money is not good enough for them and they would rather not have it. This is insanity and I hope they rot for making it our reality. Oh, but if you could buy it you totally would because it's brit-pop and it's awesome.

Finally we have Ned's. If you don't remember Ned's you should revisit [God Fodder]( because it's some of the best music 1991 had to offer. Yes, I'm well aware that [Nevermind]( was also released in '91. This release is them getting together and recording all their old songs. It's neat for true fans, but if that isn't you just stick to the original releases. They're far better in '91 than in 2008. I'm sure they same could be said for me though...