The Year in Music for 2022

Music collections have definitely gotten weirder as streaming corrupts even the most devout collectors. I am no exception. Here are the albums which were released in 2022 that I "added to my Library". In the past I've included any music that I came across, ignoring when it was released. I'm too lazy for that amount of work now, so it's been limited to released during the year. In some instances I was able to purchase the music directly from the artist. I would like to see more of that. Especially in colored vinyl.

Team Building Through Music

At work our team does regular team building events and this time my idea was to share playlists. I figured YouTube was the easiest to access platform, so here's what I'll be sharing:

Rise Against at the Redding Civic

This was my first concert in quite some time. I think Nine Inch Nails in San Francisco was last show I went to and that was December 4, 2018. My memory is terrible, so we’ll just assume this is correct. I’m sure you’re thinking, but Pat the pandemic isn’t over what the hell are you doing being within 20 yards of another human that might be breathing out a deadly virus?!

It’s not a terrible question…but I have both reasons and rationalizations. When I first decided to go it was scheduled to be an outdoor concert and I had two doses of the vaccine (Moderna). Those two things alone made me feel pretty good. Then I got a booster and I was feeling even better! Then weather forecast drove the show inside and that made me worry a bit and this is where the rationalizations get layered on top of my vaccination status.

It was a calculated risk. Is it a risk worth taking to see a concert in an area that’s not that well vaccinated? The call that I made was yes. Why did I make that call? I was going with great friends and I knew hanging out with them for an evening would be good for my mental state (and it was!). The closest contact would be with other vaccinated people for the majority of the trip. Inside the concert hall was also pretty humid with the combination of rain and a bunch of sweaty kids moshing their precious little punk rocker heads off.

Oddly enough I’m getting my second booster dose today. I just took a COVID-19 home test (the iHealth ones from the first free batch you could order) and it’s negative. But I think it’s worth thinking about risk. I rode with 3 other people from Chico to Redding and back. How risky was that? The weather wasn’t great and the roads were wet. We were driving home at night, on wet roads, after an energetic show that had most of us pretty tired.

There’s no easy answer here. Everything we do has risks. I knew going in I was negative, so I wasn’t introducing risk to others at the concert. If I did catch COVID I would then be a risk to anybody I encountered after the concert. I’m not advocating a YOLO approach, but I’m trying to not tackle things in a binary fashion of “safe” vs “not safe” and rather weigh the risks with probabilities. Do I know the exact numbers to do this calculation or the math that it takes to do it right? No. So, honestly I’m kind of winging it…but I am using as many mitigations against risk while still doing things.

Rise Against at the Redding Civic Auditorium
Rise Against Setlist Redding Civic Auditorium, Redding, CA, USA 2022, Nowhere Generation

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The actual show was awesome. Pennywise opened, which when you think about it, they’re a legit punk headliner so we really go a two-for-one with this show. It would have been fantastic if it could have been outside as originally planned, but I’m just glad the show went on.

And yes, I wore earplugs.

Replay 2015

I use Apple Music. You may or may not. If you don't, you probably use Spotify. Here are two embedded playlists of my generated Replay 2015. I used SongShift to move the list from Apple Music to Spotify.

Apple Music


Music in 2022 – A Follow-up

Music has always been an important part of my life. I’ve had a few failed attempts to learn to play musical instruments. I was a borderline obsessive CD collector and having a college roommate that worked at Tower Records definitely contributed to that. I was a DJ at my college radio station. I’ve replaced obsessive CD collecting with a restrained vinyl purchasing strategy.

But this is the follow-up to my music recommendations from 2005. Yes, only 17 years later. I’ve grouped the bands by how I generally classify them. It probably won’t work for you, so just translate in your head. Since bands generally hate being labeled, I’m sure they would disagree with every single categorization I’ve made. That’s okay, I doubt they’ll see this.

The “Top Billing” Section

The Killers - By far my favorite band since 2005. Hot Fuss, Sam’s Town, and Day and Age are albums I can always put on and feel happy. Let’s not worry about all the albums that came after that, except the single Run For Cover, which is easily a top 5 Killers track…maybe even better that Mr. Brightside.

K. Flay - Life as a Dog is just fantastic music. The early stuff is here and there, with some absolute gems like Messin with My Head. The latest double EP Inside Voices/Outside Voices is very much aligned with my favorite sounds.

The “Pop” Section

The Naked and Famous - Passive Me, Aggressive You and the tracks Punching in a Dream and Girls Like you. I can put these on repeat.

Future Islands - I usually try to describe them as Joe Cocker covering New Order. I celebrate their entire catalog. Vireo’s Eye, from the album In Evening Air, is a particularly popular track for me.

Limousines - Internet Killed the Video Star, from the album Get Sharp, is a fantastic song and has an amazing video.

The “Hip-hop/Rap” Section

Delton 3030 - Deltron 3030

Kanye West - I never really got into Kanye, but My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was on heavy repeat for a long time.

Kid Cudi - Man on the Moon: The End of Day is phenomenal.

Logic - I’m not a super fan, but I could listen to Overnight on repeat for a disturbingly long time. Do not miss the Rick & Morty appearance on Bobby Tarantino II.

Run the Jewels - Again, very late to the game here, but I love RTJ4 and please please please don’t miss their collaboration with DJ Shadow on Nobody Speak and do not under any circumstance miss the video.

The “Indie” Section

LCD Soundsystem - Not all that shocking.

Sleigh Bells - While I enjoy most of every album, Kid Kruschev. Locust Laced from Texis is something that I have a hard time getting out of my head.

The Strokes - Not all that shocking, but also not that impressive after their first two albums, but The New Abnormal is definitely good.

Portugal. The Man - I was -probably- late to the game on this, but Evil Friends is a great album.

The Kills - Last Days of Magic from Midnight Boom. On repeat. Go.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - A band that evolves fairly dramatically from album to album and still makes it seem natural. I’ll toss out It’s Blitz to start with.

The National - Perhaps a bit too moody on too many tracks, but when they get going they are sneakily rocking. Abel, Mr. November, and Sea of Love plus a ton more.

Interpol - Really they should have been on my 2005 list as Turn on the Bright Lights came out in 2002, but they weren’t and so they are now. There, I fixed it.

The “Brit Rock” Section

The Hives - One of the hardest working bands in rock ‘n’ roll. The Black and White Album and Lex Hives are top notch.

Franz Ferdinand - Three strong albums and then things get a little…I don’t even know. Franz Ferdinand, You Could Have Had It So Much Better, and Tonight.

Kasabian - West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum and For Crying Out Loud are my favorite albums, but don’t miss the track Club Foot.

The Fratellis - I don’t want to say Costello Music was a one and done, but it’s the only album I like.

The Vaccines - A band that’s evolved a ton from What Did You Expect from the Vaccines? to Back in Love City.

The “Chill” Section

DJ Shadow - Again, late to the game here, but Endtroducing….. and The Private Press are classics and then you can enjoy a great live performance that takes the best of both in In Tune and On Time.

Morcheeba - There’s 20 years between Big Calm and Blaze Away. I don’t think I’m ready to acknowledge that.

Massive Attack - Mezzanine. There are others, like Heligoland, but Mezzanine is my favorite.

Thievery Corporation - Again, they’ve been around for quite some time, but it’s great Sunday chill music. Pick any album, but you’ll probably get recommended The Richest Man In Babylon.

This is already too long and so I’m cutting it off here. I’m sure I have a lot more to write about music in the future. Maybe even the near future!

Music Recommendations…from 2005

Way back in February of 2005 my buddy Warren was asking for music recommendations to fill his Nomad. Yes, he bought a Nomad. You remember those things, more space than an iPod and totally took over the mp3 player market…oh, right. Never mind. Anyways, he only wanted three albums (this was 2005 and even with a giant Nomad, space was at a premium) and I came back with what follows. Overall, I think it holds up well. I’ll follow this piece with an update.

Jeez, what's with the trick question? Top 3 could mean anything...all time? This month? This year? Last year? This decade? Last decade? I refuse to give a serious answer until you pose a serious question. So here are my top 3 non-serious albums for you to go buy immediately, if not sooner.

Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet (actually quite serious, one of the best sociopolitical albums of all time -- a must have)

Ned's Atomic Dustbin - God Fodder (Brit-pop, double bass guitar, hit single Kill Your Television, not a single skipper on the whole CD)

The The - Dusk (If you like Johnny Cash, this might intrigue you -- more blues than country influence. Also British).

and now for the rest of the stuff you should have

Ash - Trailer (The best rock band you've never heard of. This is their first album. Their second album was called 1977 because they're huge Star Wars fans. That's gotta be worth something.)

Billy Bragg - Don't Try This At Home (Socialist brit-folk-rock -- you'll love it Warren. Seriously awesome raw guitar playing though)

Chemical Brothers - Exit Planet Dust (First and best album -- another must have)

Descendents - Everything Sucks (Must have punk rock)

Electrafixion - Burned (Formed Echo and the Bunnymen members doing something a little more rock and roll and a little less foppy haired british 80's pop)

Frank Black - Teenager of the Year (Former Pixies front man. Easily a top 10 all time for me)

The Get Up Kids - Red Letter Day (only an EP, but some amazing indy rock)

The Housemartins - Now That's What I Call Quite Good (best of from one of the best bands from Hull ever - everything from drinking to gospel, you might think they were Irish...)

Inspiral Carpets - Revenge of the Goldfish (another top 10 all time, brit-pop)

James - Best of James (brit pop)

Jane's Addiction - Nothing's Shocking (must have)

Jesus and Mary Chain - Automatic (must have brit surf-pop/shoegazer)

Knapsack - This Conversation is Ending Starting Right Now (driving punk-pop out of Davis initially)

Leftfield - Leftism (one of the best "dance" albums ever, although it's not the crap dance you're used to hearing 'Yall ready for this' samples in. 10 top all time)

Ministry - The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste (one of the best "industrial" albums ever)

Operation Ivy - Energy (pretty much everything this Berkeley punk band ever did on one CD -- great stuff)

Pixies - Surfer Rosa/Come on Pilgrim or Doolittle or Trompe le Monde (One of the best rock bands to come out of the US)

Reel Big Fish - Why Do They Rock So Hard? (great pop-rock-ska)

Sheep on Drugs - One for the Money (hard to describe duo from the UK, technically "industrial" but much more fun)

Therapy? - Troublegum (often overlooked Irish hard rock band)

Underworld - Underworld 1992-2002 (famous for the ending song in Trainspotting 'Born Slippy Nuxx 1995' also on the Trainspotting soundtrack which is a great one)

Violent Femmes - Add It Up '81-'93

What would I drop off?

  • Electrafixion
  • Get Up Kids
  • Inspiral Carpets
  • Knapsack
  • Reel Big Fish
  • Sheep on Drugs
  • Therapy?

To be clear, I still love these albums, but they were important to me at the time and not so much today. Everything else though...I think I nailed it.

The 2021 NFL Betting Spread

Once again I've compiled the season into this quaint little overview. Maybe someday this will be replaced with GPT3, or GTP4, but for now it's still handcrafted.


Underdogs beat the spread 140 times (51.5%)
Favorites covered the spread 130 times (47.8%)
There were 2 pushes (0.7%)
Last year was 132/116/7

A pie chart that shows the betting spread is really close to 50/50

Large Numbers:

The largest spread was 17.5 in week 7, Arizona vs Houston, which Arizona covered 31-5. This breaks the NY Jets two year streak of being involved in the largest spread.

Common Numbers:

Jumping from second to first in the race for most common spread was 2.5, narrowly edging out 3 this season, 30-29. Unsurprisingly the 3 point spread was a dead heat with favorites covering 15 times and underdogs beating 14 times. Now, 2.5 got weird with only 9 favorites covering and 21 underdogs beating the spread. As they kids say these days…daaaaaaaaang.

Odd Numbers:

So 2.5 should get mentioned here, but I already gave you the details. Next up is 5.5 with 2 favorites covering and 9 underdogs beating the spread. A single point saw 9 favorites cover and only 4 underdogs beat. 10.5 was 8 favorites covering and only 3 underdogs beating the spread.


Coming from seemingly out of nowhere, Dallas took the crown with an 11-3 record at covering the spread. Way to go, Big D! KC slightly reversed their situation from last season (5-8 as favorites) with a 9-8 record when favored.

Baltimore was our top loser, failing to cover 9 times. Nine times… Cleveland, KC, and Tampa Bay all tied with 8 failures in this category.


Detroit, a not very good football team, managed to beat the spread 10 times this season, but failed 7 times. Yes, that means they were never favored in a single game. This should shock nobody. Pittsburgh was 8-4 beating the spread.

Jacksonville had a very, very hard time beating the spread, going 5-10. Chicago, Houston, NY Giants, NY Jets, and the Washington WTF’s all tied with 9 failures to beat the spread.